My name is Aris. Aris is pronounced (heiress) and I'm not sure what the meaning is. Several years ago, when I was asked what my name meant, I replied that Aris was a Greek Sexx Goddess (what can I say I'm a romance writer). Unfortunately, my husband happened to be near, he looked over at me, rolled his eyes, and said very loudly "I wish". I've moved on to another story, which happens to be true. I was born in the seventies to a pair of hippies, real hippies. Having said that, I think I got off lucky with the name Aris. It could have been much worse, Fruit Stand or something like that. So, Aris it is.


Kids Say the Darndest Things!

I was talking with my daughter today about character names (I’m working on a new book) and we bounced names around for a few minutes and then the conversation turned weird.

“What about the name Katie,” I sugges...
ted to my daughter over lunch.

Her little brows furrow as she took a bite. “Are you serious mom?”

By her tone and the use of the name “mom”’ I knew she was disappointed. I really didn’t want to admit that I was very serious so I chose to proceed with caution. “What’s wrong with the name Katie?” I asked.

She shook her head like it was sad that it needed explaining. “Mom, think about the vowel and consonant ratio in that name, it just doesn’t feel right….I would pick a different name.”

WTF! She was so serious I couldn’t even reply.

*Am I the only person that doesn’t know about the vowel/ consonant ratio formula when choosing a name? I really need to get out more often.
~type you soon~
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Second Hand Store Treasure

I love this picture that I got for 5 bucks!!

Isn't he so cute! 

Remember "Radar" O'Reilly from M*A*S*H... Gary Burghoff painted this.

~type you soon~
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Who’s Da Man…?

Why this handsome little guy.
He had me in a panic yesterday! I couldn’t find him all day. On and off I’d go outside and call for him, but nothing. As the day grew I really started to worry. This little guy is my best buddy. I love all my animals but he’s Da Man. My kids have even claimed that I love him more than them…which is ridiculous I love them all equally.
Anyway, in the evening the entire family came home to me in full Search & Rescue mode. I was going to find my cat before dark if it was the last thing I did. As I began to assign positions and give out orders my son said, “Mom, he was in my room when I left this morning.”
I snap, “Don’t you think I’ve looked in your room! I’ve looked in every room in the house! I’ve called for him all day! He would have come to me if he could hear me.”
My son noted the crazed look in my eyes and the hysteria in my voice and simply walked out of the room. Three seconds go by and I hear, “Mom, will you please come in my room.”
Look how far he's back in there...

Sleeping soundly...

So next itme before I panic I will check all dresser drawers ... ;o)

~type you soon~
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Across Eternity is Free

Across Eternity is currently FREE on Amazon! I'm really excited that it's ranked #6 right now. Be sure to get it because it's going back to its original price after this weekend.

(click on the cover)

~type you soon~
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I'll Drink To That!

I just have to share with everyone…I just got carded! Can you say Woooo-Hoooo!
I was buying this little bottle of wine for my hubby…gotta love the name…

~type you soon~
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Searching for cooler weather...

It’s been excruciatingly HOT here! So for the last few days I took a mini vacation to San Francisco to escape the heat! I’m now back home…yuck it’s still HOT. However, San Francisco was perfect…nice and cool. I went to the beach, lounged by the pool, and ate, ate, ate…perfect vacation. Now it’s back to work…

I love the city!

Look close, I'm wearing my dog tags!


 I was starved from walking the city!
~type you soon~
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New Cover!!

I’m unveiling my new cover for Across Eternity. Isn’t perfect! I love my old cover. It actually has very special meaning to me and my family. Remember I did a post about it here. But Across Eternity is set in beautiful Southern California and it just needed a beach and some blue sky!

I received my dog tags….they are amazing. My daughter and I have been wearing them nonstop!!

~type you soon~
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Dog Tags

How cool is this? I’m having custom dog tags made for Across Eternity. I hear ya…pretty cool…;o)
I think they look amazing (I know they'll look even better in person) and I can’t wait to wear them! Yes, mom I know you want a set too!
Across Eternity has been quoted many times and I’ve had many readers contact me with their favorite lines…but this one, spoken by Logan, has been quoted the most:
"It is what it is and it's okay. I'll be okay, you'll be okay, and the world will keep turning."

I was inspired by a reader who contacted me and told me she wrote this quote on a piece of paper and she carries it around with her every day.

This got me thinking...first, what a great idea! Second, why not put it on dog tags--I've always wanted a pair. VoilĂ !

I couldn’t fit the entire quote on there so I shortened it a little…
“I'll be okay, you'll be okay, and the world will keep turning."
It works for me!
Logan was an amazing character to write about…Amber wasn’t the only one who learned from him—I learned a lot too. I can't think of anything better than having these words close to me (okay maybe if it were made into a movie...that WOULD be better, then I could watch it every single day...but until then the dog tags are going to have to suffice)
When I get them, I’ll be giving away a few sets of dog tags with a signed copy of Across Eternity. Keep an eye out for that post!

~type you soon~
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"I'm all about girl power, baby!"

For those of you that know me, you know that I take my personal safety seriously. I don’t just rely on others to protect me…you never know if they are going to be around or make it there in time. I LOVE to encourage women to be strong…as Mel B would say, "I'm all about girl power, baby!"
This is where The Women’s Shooting Academy (WSA located in Reno, Nevada) comes in. They teach women how to be WARRIORS! And through their HELP ME, HELP HER Campaign they are looking for 6 ladies to bring to the academy for an extended weekend of all expenses paid training. How exciting it that!
Heck I want to go!!!
If you know of a woman who could greatly benefit from this please nominate her here: Nominate
If you’d like to donate to this campaign go here: Donate
(check out that tight target behind me...good shootin;)

(nice logo on that hat)
I’ve attended WSA and I can promise you you’ll not only meet and be trained by the best bunch of women I’ve ever met but you will also learn how to become a WARRIOR!
~type you soon~
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For the locals...

For those of you who live in Chico, Oroville, or the surrounding areas, ACROSS ETERNITY was featured in the Chico Enterprise Record and the Oroville Mercury.

~Link Here.~

You have a great Memorial Day!
~type you soon~
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