My name is Aris. Aris is pronounced (heiress) and I'm not sure what the meaning is. Several years ago, when I was asked what my name meant, I replied that Aris was a Greek Sexx Goddess (what can I say I'm a romance writer). Unfortunately, my husband happened to be near, he looked over at me, rolled his eyes, and said very loudly "I wish". I've moved on to another story, which happens to be true. I was born in the seventies to a pair of hippies, real hippies. Having said that, I think I got off lucky with the name Aris. It could have been much worse, Fruit Stand or something like that. So, Aris it is.


Across Eternity ~Cover Contest~ Vote Now!

*UPDATE: Across Eternity is in 2nd place!!*
Hi all, Across Eternity is nominated for favorite cover for November 2012! I’d be forever grateful if you voted for Across Eternity!
This cover is very special to me. Many years ago when my Grandmother passed away (my mom’s mom), my Grandpa called their best friend, Donald Ramsey, who lived in Canada to tell him the bad news. Feeling sad for the lost of such a good friend Donald decided to go for a walk. This is the photo he snapped as he walked through a local park. He liked it so much and thought it expressed what he was feeling that he had it framed and sent to my Grandpa. It now hangs on my wall. I believe it represents Logan and Amber’s story so well.
Unfortunately, Donald Ramsey just passed away this year. However, he was able to see the book cover and read the story and he thought both did his photo justice. I think it would be great if his photo could win this cover contest.
Please go vote now! Across Eternity is #7 on the list. The last day is November 27th so hurry!

~type you soon~
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  1. I loved this book and I'm so happy to see that the cover was nominated. I love the story behind the photo too. I think it makes it even more special.

  2. I voted and tweeted too. I felt bad because Fatal's cover looked familiar and I bought it back in June and it is buried in my Kindle TBR yikes, I know I know I need to go read more!

    1. Thanks for voting and tweeting! I see you also got Across Eternity-thanks ;o)
      I know what you mean about having books buried in your Kindle. I forget they are there and then I get so excited when I rediscover them...LOL
      Anyway thanks so much for stopping by, voting, tweeting, and buying my books ;o)